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The Nordic model - challenged but capable of reform

The Nordic model - challenged but capable of reform »

Series: Nordic Council of Ministers

Author(s): Karsten Albæk , Torben M. Andersen , Rita Asplund , Erling Barth , Bernt Bratsberg , Lars Calmfors , Antti Kauhanen , Jukka Lassila , Niku Määttänen , Mika Maliranta , Oddbjørn Raaum , Knut Røed , Kristine von Simson , Allan Sørensen , Tarmo Valkonen , Pekka Vanhala , and Vesa Vihriälä

Publisher: Nordic Council of Ministers

Publication Date: 01 June 2014

ISBN: 9789289327787

Keywords: Nordic, Norden, Baltic, Baltics, Nordic Welfare Model, Environmental Sustainability, Nordic Supermodel, Global Economic Crisis, Impacts of Global Competition, Population Ageing

The Nordic welfare model has received a lot of positive attention around the world. High standard of living, small income disparities and substantial social mobility looks like a very attractive package. Moreover,...