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Waterbird Populations and Pressures in the Baltic Sea

Waterbird Populations and Pressures in the Baltic Sea »

Series: Nordic Council of Ministers

Author(s): Jochen Bellebaum, Szymon Bzoma, Mindaugas Dagys, Jan Durinck, Stefan Garthe, Gennady Grishanov, Martti Hario, Stefan Heinänen, Jan Jacob Kieckbusch, Ib Krag Petersen, Jan Kube, Andres Kuresoo, Kjell Larsson, Leho Luigujoe, Wodzimierz Meissner, Markku Mikkola Roos, Leif Nilsson, Stefan Pihl, Henrik Skov, Nicole Sonntag, Antra Stipniece, Andy Stock, Hans W. Nehls, and Ramnas Žydelis

Publisher: Nordic Council of Ministers

Publication Date: 01 June 2011

ISBN: 9789289322492

Keywords: Nordic, Norden, Baltic, Baltics, Wintering Waterbirds, Census, Baltic Sea, Herbivorous Species, Seaducks, Offshore Distribution

This report outlines the results of the internationally coordinated census of wintering waterbirds in the Baltic Sea 2007-2009 undertaken under the SOWBAS project (Status of wintering Waterbird populations in the Baltic Sea)...